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Berlin you are so cool!!!

Love to be here! Berlin you are cool ! Liebe, hier zu sein. Berlin Sie sind so cool! Today Hackeschen Hofe! Could you recommend me more places to go take some pictures ; ) ? Heute Hackeschen Hofe! Könnten Sie mir mehr Orte empfehlen, um ein paar Bilder zu machen? ; )  

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A note from the creator - What inspired me to paint - "Blue"

Hello Mini Gabi fans. This is another of my original paintings that I wanted to share with you today. This one is called "Blue". Inspired by my life in Cornwall, the sea, the ocean and the infinite horizon. The blue of it all reminds me of the many opportunities we have; and how much we can still discover in the world and in ourselves... The sunlight coming from a bright blue day gives me clarity; and allows me to feel and follow my intuition without the need of proof and rationalisation. I hope this piece also inspires you : ) Just like the miracle of the sea and the ocean; our dreams can also come true and shine : )...

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A Day Off ......

Hello you!How is you holiday? Are you travelling or chilling at home?Me ? Well.. I live near the sea but believe it or not its been ages since I went to the beach.....So today i decided to enjoy myself and go for a walk near the beach......Even took a selfie from the top of the hill... sorry for that ; )Its been busy here with the "Paint My Words"competition, you guys are truly inspiring and sending awesome quotes!!!! You are very talented!!!its a lot to organise and I want to make sure the winner gets a top quality T- Shirt of myself with his/her own quote on it.... so....let me ask you.. Have you submitted your quote? Please join me,...

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