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NFT Collection: Keep Going - Stars

This is the story of a misfit girl who tired of not fitting in, decided to create her own world. But in order to overcome her fears  she goes on a journey looking for wisdom to give her strength to overcome her fears of judgement. Each piece in this collection represents a step she  needs to take in order to reach her goals and another habit she needs to practice to overcome her fears. See collection on OpenSea More info on Mini Gabi mp4 / animation of mixed media artwork: drawing, digital painting, digital collage, motion.

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But where "WHERE are you REALLY from?

      Inspired by amazing artist-designer @Esra Gulmen ( who created the  “Don’t I Look Turkish“ collection, I wanted to continue this conversation.  I thought it would be fun to draw some Mini Gabi's wearing Esra & Bold Berlin hoodie collection.  As Esra says: "How am I supposed to look like if I come from Turkey? Or if I am German?" Or in my case, if I am Brazilian or If I am British? We live in a diverse world, people come in diferent shapes, colors, and accents. We are all humans and we like to belong. It’s lovely when people show genuine interest in my background and want to connect. However, it feels intrusive when strangers are not satisfied with the answer, and go on...

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Think For Yourself, Aloud!

This piece was inspired by Coco Chanel's quote: “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud!! I couldn't agree more. Let's be honest, its much easier to bring good news then have to be the odd one that disagrees with the group. But I 've learned in my life, there are times that the only way to move forward is to express my true voice, no matter how much of a freak others might think I am. Of course every situation is different and I am not talking about honesty for honesty sake. I am talking about being clear about my true values, and having the courage to honour them when something is not in alignment. Although giving excuses and pretending all is...

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