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From the streets to your home!!

Original artworks and giclee prints   I am so excited to share with you that I will be releasing a series of small original artworks sized 5. 8 x 8.3 inches, each inspired by the theme of sharing the wisdom. Each artwork celebrates encouragement, authenticity and our desire to have the life of our dreams. While the COVID-19 crisis continues to cause havoc around the world, it has also come to show how precious life is and the importance to live it in our own terms. From having the courage to follow our dreams, ignoring the negativity, and being comfortable with not being perfect, we can set out on our mission, and truly experience the life we dream of. My art is inspired...

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My Inspiration for the MINI NURSE piece

When I first created this piece,I just wanted to have a poster to put on my window as a thank you to the NHS workers. After that, I have also collaborated with the awesome @d7606, and the Mini Nurse ended up in one of his lovely iconic booths - a blue and a grey one to honour the heroes.

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