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Why Don't You?

Why don’t you? When I started my artist journey and after playing with various bands, I wanted to go solo and start playing live acoustic gigs. Even so I had been a session musician and had already performed in many big venues, TV shows, radios etc, the thought of being on stage on my own petrified me. I wanted to start doing open mikes and solo shows but kept postponing it, always thinking I needed more time to get ready. I used to practice like mad until my fingers and throat hurt. Even so I had been a session musician and had already performed in big venues, TV shows, radios, etc, the thought of being on stage on my own...

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Stop Judging

if you not also making a fool of yourself, you are not qualified to judge me   Years ago, when I was starting doing live gigs, an artist friend of mine said to me “If you want to succeed, you got to be prepared to also get up there and make a full of yourself “ by Ben Christophers  Link This stuck with me. Of course, no one is born perfect. no matter how much you rehearse something, some things we only learn by doing. by putting ourself’s out there, by showing our true selves to others, by risking being disliked, judged and laughed at. And if that happens,  so what? It’s not like being a doctor, where making  a mistake could put someone’s...

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  There are times we make mistakes and wrong decisions. Something as simple as deciding to go out in the morning or to stay in doing work we love. It’s hard to find the right balance between honoring your needs or just being selfish. But your health should always come first.  People who won't respect your needs and will expect you to do what suits their agenda, are simply the wrong people to keep in your life. Family, friends or colleagues that won’t take no for an answer, will take a goodbye instead. If in doubt of whether to say no or not, check for any uncomfortable feelings that are affecting your health. That will most certainly give you the...

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