Making Good Art x Making Good Social Media

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How do i win in social media and stay focus in my art?
I have been struggling with not having enough time for my art. Too much time on social media, emails and digital distractions.... sometimes I feel like I am a full-time comment, like and email replier. 
My artwork is suffering, my creativity being spent on the wrong thing.
I am not painting enough, not drawing enough, not illustrating enough, not cartooning enough. 
People would say wake up earlier, manage your time better, it only takes 10 minutes here another 5 minutes there.
But time is not the issue, the noise in my head that all this creates is. My energy is getting drained and I am getting tired.
My job is to do my art well no matter what. This means making good art and not good social media.
No matter how much effort one spends trying to grow social media,  this will be meanless if you are unfulfilled and your art is just mediocre because you haven’t given the proper focus it deserves.
So from now on, I will be focusing more on making good art instead of making good social media.
This blog was inspired by Neil Gaiman’ commencement speech on no matter what happens 
“make good art”
It’s truly inspiring and beautiful., check it out
thanks Neil for the inspiration 
Mini Gabi

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