Gabi Almeida's Biography 

Gabi Almeida is a London based Brazilian artist, cartoonist, singer-songwriter, music producer and  creator of the cartoon character Mini Gabi.

Growing up in São Paulo, a concrete jungle and one of the biggest Japanese colonies in the world; the diversity of the city was a huge inspiration and at an early age she became involved with the urban art and music scene there.

Her artworks are influenced by graffiti, street art, Japanese manga and comics, mixing circus and burlesque elements with cartoons and paintings.

After  having concussion following an accident, she created the cartoon character Mini Gabi to front her band and go on tour on her behalf. But the character had ideas of her own ......when Gabi Almeida banged her head , Mini Gabi fell out, took over and started having adventures whilst Gabi Almeida was at home recovering. Soon, Mini Gabi became the main focus of her work, appearing on paintings, street art, cartoons and  animations.

Gabi Almeida creates a world of fun, style and inspiration around a character with an authentic personality; a cheeky girl who appears in different colours and mediums, and likes to go around spreading messages of inspiration, empowerment, and fun.

Gabi Almeida works have been shown in London, Cornwall, Berlin, Brazil and Stockholm, in various art galleries and music venues, as well as on public walls.

She has collaborated with TEDX Covent Garden and The Eric Festival London, and  has worked and licensed images to brands such as IAMOK Berlin.

Her music animation video “Paint My Colours” was played on various shows  including on MTV,and her cartoons have been published  in  in a variety of blogs and magazines, such as “Rights Info UK” and “Warrior Women”.