Women's Rights 2021

Mini Gabi Women's Rights illustration

My heart goes out to Sarah Everard’s family and friends.🌸🌸 💜I live near beautiful countryside, but never go on these lovely walks on my own, I love music but headphones must be off when walking a quiet street, if the train station is far and it’s already dark, I wonder if it’s safer to walk alone or get in a taxi.... and the list goes on and on and on....

I think it’s important we create conversations that can bring real change in our society..

Also important that men join and support the women’s movement, and are more aware of what women have to fear everyday.

I had a boyfriend who used to go running in the evening and he used to cross the street if he saw a woman so not to scare her...I thought it was considerate and cute, but obviously not the answer.

I myself feel very vulnerable when men walk or run past when I am on a quiet street.
Most of us just learn to behave like gazelles as if the world was full of lions.

Sexual harassment was a lot more tolerated when I was younger, you just learn to walk on zig zag mode always looking over your shoulder. I am really glad that women have started to speak out and I want to show my support in every way I can with my art, my words and also, start to speak out more myself. It’s not aways easy but it’s important.

It’s really time for more laws to protect to come into place, we have the rights to enjoy our cities, towns and country too.

Mini Gabi Women's rights 2021 illustration

Mini Gabi Women's rights 2021 illustration

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