I am tired!

This is my first blog entry,

I should be writing inspiring things but the truth is i am exhausted ...

so this is my first blog entry.....

Today I am tired ! I'm exhausted, I ve been working far too hard
....But if you have dreams that's what it takes .. And as my grandmother used to  say
"Unfortunately she likes good stuff.."

I should be posting an inspirational quote here and asking you to join my competition; but the truth is..
Today I need your wisdom,
Your help,
Your love,
Your understanding,
If you want to join the competiontion here


or just leave me a quote in the comments bellow ! Anything.....
inspirational or just how you feeling today .. just honest..don't worry about what i will think, and what others will think.. just share something real.

Sorry today I have nothing much to say .. I am tired
I am not that strong ....


  • Mini Gabi

    Hello beautiful girls,

    Thanks so much for the text! it really cheered me up to see your lovely comments here!! I guess feeling tired and stressed is part of life but not so often expressed publicly.. I think its important to honour both feelings… without turning into a whining nuisance of course.. : ) x

  • Lesley

    Hi Mini Gabi, you are stronger and more lovely than you know. Keep working hard & remember, part of working hard is looking after yourself & resting & taking good care of you.

  • nell

    i am tired toooooo sista! dreams take so much work and the gap between what we want to make happen and what our energy and resources will allow will have a gap of frustration sometimes but know that tiredness is a badge of honour that you are trying your very best <3

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